Monday, January 14, 2013

My Laptop Clutch- Jeremy Payne of Fashion is Payne

So I have this amazing designer friend. And he always he always wears these amazing pieces that I'm forever wanting to take from him. Case in point, we had a meeting for the Odini Sutherland shoot that I posted about prior and he had this gorgeous bag that he had made himself (to carry his lap-top, note pads etc) I was in looooove and commissioned one from him on the spot.

Gah! I am totally smitten with it already and while I fully intend to use it for my lappy/play-book/kindle....I can also see me using this to funk up an outfit for girls' night out or even a date night. He was worried that I may not like the red but I actually LOVE that part of it a lot. So cute! SO me!

If you're looking to getyour hands on one you can contact Jeremy via his Facebook page. He also designs AMAZING clothing (see below)


  1. What a cool laptop case, love the colors and envelope style!

    1. Yes it's very lovely! Jeremy is awesome! And thanks for stopping by :)


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